Chess the Gathering (the working title; the prototype)

A Misfits Attic prototype game as seen on Joystiq >_>

From the makers of A Virus Named TOM comes a prototype seen only on YouTube inspired by Magic: the Gathering, Dungeon Crawlers, and board games of yore.

Please email if you do not receive a confirmation email.

Instructions on How to Play

Known Issues & Release Notes


Keys Refilled

Can someone PM me a key please? I didn't receive any keys from emails.

PM me what email you used and I'll check for you.

How to get steam key for the game?

Sorry, we ran out of keys again but we've uploaded more. Please email if it's not working now. Sorry for the slow response!

How many cards of each type are in the deck?

Eventually we want to make it so you can build your own deck (including how many of each are in there), but for now here are the card counts: Queens = 3 Bishops = 3 Rooks = 3 Swamps = 2 Walls = 2 Ricochet = 2 WrapAround =2

Play the dev: Chess the Gathering live stream @ 2pm Pacific Time today (join in or just watch/chat)

We'll try to organize more events in the coming months. Join the Steam group if you're interested:

Hey guys, I just learned of this game/sub, and was told you guys might like to check out our latest project - Chesslike: Adventures in Chess.

Hey guys, CTG creator guy here. No worries about the post (though thanks for being polite). I saw your game a ways back and thought it looked cool, glad to see you crossing the finish line! Yeah, CTG is sadly on the back burner as we concentrate on Duskers. We had an dev working on updates but they left the team so we need to find a replacement. Still working on the design though :)

are you still working on this game?

Yes, but it's now on the back burner. We got funding for [Duskers]( and so that's top priority right now (and finishing the A Virus Named TOM Vita version). But I've created a new tactical ruleset (Here's [2 videos]( describing them), and we've added (not updated on Steam) a replay file with the aim of adding asynchronous play. I'm really sorry there haven't been updates for a long time. We have a small one coming but we're tweaking things. I have 1 person working on it a few hours a week and I'm doing some design one night a week. I'd like to setup a monthly "play the devs" like we were doing before. Any thoughts on any of this? I could probably use some help from the community :) Thanks for caring!

Please fix the background of the game page

Sorry, so you want the BG (the chessboard) to not scroll as you scroll the page?

Yes. I see the [wagon-wheel effect]( while scrolling. That's very irritating.

#####	 ######	 ####	 [**Wagon-wheel effect**]( [](#sfw) --- > >The __wagon-wheel effect__ (alternatively, __stagecoach-wheel effect__, __stroboscopic effect__) is an [optical illusion]( in which a [spoked]( [wheel]( appears to rotate differently from its true rotation. The wheel can appear to rotate more slowly than the true rotation, it can appear stationary, or it can appear to rotate in the opposite direction from the true rotation. This last form of the effect is sometimes called the __reverse rotation effect__. >The wagon-wheel effect is most often seen in [film]( or [television]( depictions of stagecoaches or wagons in [Western movies](, although recordings of any regularly spoked wheel will show it, such as [helicopter]( rotors and [aircraft]( [propellers]( In these recorded media, the effect is a result of [temporal aliasing]( It can also commonly be seen when a rotating wheel is illuminated by flickering light. These forms of the effect are known as [stroboscopic]( effects: the original smooth rotation of the wheel is visible only intermittently. A version of the wagon-wheel effect can also be seen under continuous illumination. >==== >[**Image**]( [^(i)]( - *Propeller of a Bombardier Q400 taken with a digital camera showing the stroboscopic effect* --- ^Interesting: [^Stroboscopic ^effect]( ^| [^Wheel]( ^| [^Strobe ^light]( ^| [^List ^of ^optical ^illusions]( ^Parent ^commenter ^can [^toggle ^NSFW]( NSFW toggle&message=%2Btoggle-nsfw+ck1aam6) ^or[](#or) [^delete]( Deletion&message=%2Bdelete+ck1aam6)^. ^Will ^also ^delete ^on ^comment ^score ^of ^-1 ^or ^less. ^| [^(FAQs)]( ^| [^Mods]( ^| [^Magic ^Words](

We're temporarily out of Keys (Chess the Gathering)


When will be available again, Can't access the link.

Should be back up! Try again :)

New video: adjusting piece values and casting more board

These are great points. This is why instead of thinking of these as an evolution of the rules I'm thinking of it as a different mode of play. The current version is a bunch of fun IMHO and one of the things people love about it is the dramatic swings and that it's not as intimidating or as slow as chess. I definitely don't want to lose that. You're right about knowing possibilities and planning based on risk/reward. The current ruleset definitely has strategy. We can definitely add in the. We cards, and maybe even try to push some of the adjustments into it (like the queen cost) but I'd like to leave it as is for now and see how the new ruleset plays. Yeah, maybe we'll focus on the asynchronous for now to get some games goo in then add in the new ruleset. It's a bit of work to get asych working but it'll be cool to have it in. Anything to get more games going :) Thanks so much for the feedback!

Oh, and I forgot to answer the mana limit Q. I'd have to play some of the original rules, but don't plan on updating the queen cost on that yet. For the tactical ruleset I don't really have a mana limit ATM since you don't tend to accrue as fast so it hasn't been an issue yet. Generally once you have mana you spend it, I doubt you'd go over 8 but who knows...;)

Good to know. I'm looking forward to any updates to the game

Asynchronous play?

Chess the Gathering: a more tactical ruleset

Check out the Fan made Chess the Gathering cards :)

Let us know what you think!